ink gives some background on the effects of NAFTA on land reform. Perhaps everyone has gone north to work in maquiladoras because there is less arable land for them to work?

"...A detailed series on conditions in maquiladora plants along the U.S. border revealed shocking sanitation and pollution hazards, especially in Juarez.... As Juarez Mayor Gustavo Elizondo plaintively told the Times (2/11/01), 'We have no way to provide water, sewage, and sanitation workers. Every year, we get poorer and poorer even though we create more and more wealth.'..."

"...The domination of multinational corporations and Mexican real estate interests leads to the construction of highways, rail spurs, airports and other facilities, rather than to the building of homes or the paving of streets in working class neighborhoods. For example, according to Almada, Juarez officials are placing a budgetary priority on paving the streets and highways which connect the industrial parks. 'Pavement is the priority,' she says, 'in a city where half the people have no sewer system....'"

Around the 5-year anniversary of NAFTAs passing, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch gave it all failing grades, The Heritage Foundation gave it straight-As. Its success is probably somewhere in between and will vary depending on what's being looked at.

My guess is that working a subsistence level agricultural life is about as rewarding as letting a maquiladora use your body for a machine. (Does that make me a skeptic or a cynic?)

I'd love to see someone prove me wrong by undertaking a really comprehensive study of maquiladora workers and campesinos including objective and subjective measures.

Any takers?

Posted by: John at August 5, 2002 08:07 AM

Just found this and thought it applicable.

Posted by: John at December 28, 2002 04:25 PM
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