nternet access business. Uh, well, none of that really happened. Though I did say "likely" ...

Any of it hold up? I like these bits, but from the Jan. 23 column:

If this is the "new totalitarianism" (as [Norman] Solomon has suggested), then we're the freest slaves in the history of tyranny. [...]

Before we inappropriately call for anti-trust action (which, it need be reminded, is designed to block monopolist practices, not harass a distastefully popular company), take heart that:

If we really want to stave off the Brave New World, let's take a page from dissidents in countries that had to face real totalitarianism: stop taking Big Brother seriously. Laugh at him, detail his many clumsy corruptions and conflicts for everyone to see, stop pretending that he's a credible journalist, and for God's sake don't work for him.
And then this one, in the over-long April 6 thumb-sucker:
My hope is based on the market. Consolidation of expression (print journalism, music, film, broadcasting, books, Web publishing) creates giant companies that become more inefficient and out-of-touch with each new employee. This conformism in turn breeds backlash, and nourishes the soil for independents. It's a well-established cycle in all businesses catering to the public tastes: Prohibition begets jazz, suburbia begets rock & roll, corporate rock begets punk. There are too many weirdos with energy in this country to allow a handful of bland, patronizing COOs to define our common media experience.

For all the frantic mergers and acquisitions, the largest media companies' average share of our attention span is decreasing. For all its stunning growth, AOL controls the same amount of the global online market -- around 12% -- that it did in 1994.
Tune in tomorrow, for part four of "Neener-neener-neener, I Told You So...."

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