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July 24, 2002

Eric Neel's Top-12 List of ...

Eric Neel's Top-12 List of Sporting Moments from the Past Year: Includes Emmylou Harris singing, and that great skate-rat movie.

Posted by at July 24, 2002 04:08 PM

Call me crazy but I thought Dogtown and Z-Boys did a poor job of explaining the skateboard subculture that the Z-Boys were influencing and this prevented the movie from being anything more than a exciting failure.

Also Dogtown and Z-Boys should have been upfront about Craig Stecyk's relationship to the doc as well as Zephyr Surf Shop, which he was a coowner of.

My enjoyment of the film wasn't really hurt by this later fact, nor Van's sponsorship of the film, since I knew these details beforehand but my appreciation of Dogtown and Z-Boys as art certainly was limited by them.

Posted by: micah holmquist at July 25, 2002 09:13 PM

Michah -- I'm not a skater or surfer (and with a name like Micah, I assume you *must* be) ... so, much of the movie's information was new, and it was a kick to see a documentary about Southern California kids roughly my age from 20 years ago. I knew about the conflict-of-interest criticisms going in, and yeah, it did add a layer of whitewash to the whole thing; I chose to decide that was some kind of decent trade-off for the insider knowledge & access. My wife leaned more toward your view.

Posted by: Matt Welch at July 27, 2002 03:31 PM

EmmyLou's been hot for decades - it was just raw patriotic emotion that came through there - and that's a GOOD thing, Martha

Posted by: F Gaines at July 27, 2002 07:47 PM
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