July 24, 2002

Another Bogus D.C. Power-Gr...

Another Bogus D.C. Power-Grab in the Name of the 'Drug War': Terrific, rousing column from Glenn Reynolds about Joe Biden's anti-rave legislation. The money grafs, though you should obviously read the whole thing:

The Drug War has been a massive failure: a waste of money, of lives and of time. It's also been accompanied by extensive inroads on traditional American freedoms: property forfeitures, "no-knock" searches, expanded wiretap authority and the destruction of financial privacy, to name just a few.

These are inroads that have served the agendas of bureaucrats but that haven't done anything to solve the problem that was claimed as their justification. And the Drug War's combination of intrusiveness, corruption and ineptitude calls into question the government's ability to carry out the war on terrorism.

Posted by at July 24, 2002 03:41 PM

Great! lets get the concert promoters to put a nix on glowsticks and bottoled water. Hey we know kids are just doing E for the cool glowstick effects and if we ban those we destroy the problem at the source. No! Of course there's no chance the actuall ramification would be presence of E, lack of glow sticks (slightly less fun doing E), and lack of watter (greatly increased danger to those doing E).
If I didn't know better I would think this was just a plan to kill everyone that does E.

Posted by: Nicholas Yglesias at July 24, 2002 08:04 PM
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