March 18, 2002

Routing Dowd at her own

Routing Dowd at her own Gamgh the lens of popular culture. You've seen the shtick -- Bill Clinton as Jerry Seinfeld, whatever. I've always thought that she was over-rated, due to newspaperoids being overly impressed with someone who has a writing "style," but let's cast aside my bias for the moment: Look around you, and you'll see that Dowd is being beaten at her own game, every day, by people who employ pop metaphors for more than just amusement.

Take these three examples I just clicked on tonight: Juan Gato, on the U.S.-world, Ned Flanders-Homer Simpson parallels; Jay Zilber, on the bone-mauling scene in 2001 and U.S. support for Israel; and Ken Layne's old song and dance about Ian Fleming and Osama bin Laden. (The first two via Glenn Reynolds.) Maybe it's the difference in real estate, or my bad taste, but these posts seem to me more actually funny, more metaphorically relevant, and better-written than the average Mo Dowd column. I'm sure if you found the 20 best Dowd-style metaphor columns in the post-Sept. 11 blog world (even exempting offerings from semi-professional writers), the woman would be hard-pressed to keep up. Someone with more time on their hands ought to collect them all on a single blog., anyone?

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