what happens between now and November, he will be able to say: "Look at this bill I signed that no Republican would ever even contemplate." That it happened on the same day Bill Simon poodled himself with a faux-disclosure of his tax records just drove the point home further.

Posted by at July 24, 2002 11:35 AM

And if hundreds or thousands of people die as a result of Davis' grandstanding ... well that's how the political cookie crumbles?

Posted by: Robin Roberts at July 29, 2002 02:58 PM

Ms. Crane's article is, how you say, not so good. I sent her a little note:

Good afternoon,

I just read your piece on the "greenhouse gas" bill. I have a couple questions:

Are there new low friction lubricants that nobody is telling us about?
Is the committee you mention CARB?
Will mid-size and full-size SUVs also be able to get 28 miles to the gallon? With what powertrains?
When you say "So the idea is to lose less of the available energy and convert more of it into mechanical energy." do the technologies to make this happen already exist? Why are they not currently employed?

I'm concerned that you bought the argument without thinking too hard about feasibility. As a tiny example, lowering internal engine friction by using ceramic cylinder liners seemed to be a great idea, right up until durability was mentioned. They tend not to be as rugged as iron or steel over an effective 15 year vehicle service life. On top of initial expense, they require more frequent engine rebuilds. Other options, like variable valve timing, are in use now but are not netting the gains manufacturers had hoped. There's no magic bullet, and the problem with CARB has always been that if there isn't one now, they can mandate the creation of one and it will come. These ideas defy logic.

I don't know about the people being killed comment above, but the CARB power-grab in this bill will surely get my current elected officials fired in the next election.


Posted by: Bob at July 29, 2002 04:15 PM
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