ongwriter/blogger Dr. Frank had to say today:
Read the lyrics and see what you think. Here's the description of the production: "over a layered backdrop of electric guitars recorded backward, the song serves as a kind of nightmarish funhouse-mirror version of Fess Parker's classic "Ballad of Davy Crockett" of the 1950s." Sounds like a good time to me.

Of course, for all I know Earle may agree with his narrator and may have intended the song as anti-American propaganda. I'm sure there are a few sorry sods who will take it up as an anti-American anthem (like Joan Hirsch, the manager of a Revolution Bookstore quoted in the article.) That's just as silly as trying to mount a campaign to "ban" the song (which will probably happen, too: if it does, he'll probably make enough dough to fund a few more drug habits.) Whatever. Good, interesting songs are hard to come by. Enjoy 'em when you can find 'em.
I don't want my favorite artists to agree with my views on the Middle East, or my support for free trade -- I want them to make great art. My favorite all-time songwriter is John Lennon, and you probably couldn't find a single human so impossibly contradictory, hypocritical and extreme in his various politics. Who cares? It didn't justify his inexcusable hounding by the F.B.I., it didn't make him any less of a New Yorker, and it actually made his songwriting better, in my opinion. Well, up to "Woman is the Nigger of the World," maybe.

OK, back to the cave. Thanks for inviting me out, Glenn!

Posted by at July 22, 2002 04:26 PM

Amen !

Posted by: philippe at July 22, 2002 06:09 PM

I'm as happy as anyone to see good rebukes to anti-Americanism, but a lot of bloggers have become over-sensitive whiners. Someone (basically) unimportant says something that might or might not reflect a tincture of anti-Americanism and we hear screams from rooftops.

Everyone: stop bitching about nonsense. Grow some balls. And move on.

Posted by: Glenn Kinen at July 22, 2002 08:06 PM
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