June 23, 2002

Imagine if a Newspaper Webs...

Imagine if a Newspaper Website Actually Treated You Like a Customer....: James Lileks makes a point about onerous newspaper-website registration & company goodwill that I'm guessing Jeff Jarvis will agree with. I'm spoiling the ending to today's B for="author">Name:

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all chance you may be one some day. For future reference, anyone wanting an L.A. Times story can just type in "laexaminer" for both username and password, at least until they sue us.

Posted by at June 23, 2002 10:09 PM

Lileks actually said, "Never trust a company that calls you a guest"? Hmm, I wonder what he things of Target?

Posted by: Kirk Parker at June 24, 2002 12:38 AM

When a web site asks for personal information, have a generic e-mail (like yahoo.com) ready instead of your real e-mail. For the other requested data, like your phone number and income, use a technique I call "lying."

Posted by: Harry at June 24, 2002 06:09 AM

Lying doesn't always work. I tried telling the New York Times I had a PhD, was under 18, made over $100,000, and lived at zipcode 90210. They rejected my registration -- and one of the four is even true. I've learned to live without them. But apparently they've learned that some registrants lie and programmed their system to cut out unlikely combinations of characteristics.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil at June 24, 2002 06:13 AM

I just use the NYT Random Login Generator:


You might have to try it 2 or 3 times, but it'll get you in there.

Posted by: Jim Treacher at June 24, 2002 07:58 AM

Count me in as a satisfied customer. Everytime I saw that friggin' guard door (yeah, I'm forgetful), I click over to something else. I took the effort to register on the NY Times site, but that's the Times, you know?

So I'll use "laexaminer" instead, until they lock us out.


Posted by: Bill Peschel at June 24, 2002 04:52 PM
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