March 19, 2002

Moore: 'More Interested in Publicity

Moore: 'More Interested in Publicity Than Truth': So says Peter Rowe of the San Diego Union-Tribune, who fact-checked Moore's sensationalist account of a book-tour appearance there that was cut off 15 minutes past the agreed-on closing time. Rowe interviewed custodian George Waller of San Diego's Marston Middle School, who pulled the plug on the event and set the populist off on an online frenzy.

"He didn't care that I had to work the next day," Waller said. "He didn't care that I had already put in a full day. I think he just wanted to sell books. He was all about the money."

The custodian, at least, tried to fashion a compromise. "I told him we could set up tables outside. He says – this is exactly what he says – he says, 'Hey, I'm not going outside. There are people outside who want to kill me.'"

Rowe also interviewed the person Moore was describing when he wrote:
The brave lady who was the owner of the independent bookstore and who was there selling my book, leaned over and whispered to me, 'I am willing to go to jail for this if you want me to.'
Turns out her name is Carole Carden, of Esmeralda Books & Coffee. Her reflections?
"Never meet your heroes."
Blogger Gary Farber, it should be noted, first called Moore's account into question on March 13, then followed it up with some eyewitness quotations March 17 (Farber's perma-links are a bit screwy, just scroll around to anything that says "Moore.")

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