March 19, 2002

Out of the Closet: RallyingPoint

Out of the Closet: RallyingPoint and Bobby McStone: The libertarian commentator over at RallyingPoint finally fessed up the other day to being L.A. rock guitarist/painter Greg McIlvaine, my longtime friend and occasional co-conspirator. I was a big fan of RallyingPoint for weeks before Greg let on it was him, which amused me to no end. In this post, Greg encourages you to check out and then buy his sweeping 1998 rock opera, The Ballad of Bobby McStone. I will second that, and third it. Despite some occasional backing vocals from me and some other rabble, this is a great-sounding and ambitious record that will stick in your head and stay there. Click here and listen to any of the tracks under "Hot Streaming Real Audio" for a taste. In other Greg news, he's just started painting an exciting new series of portraits that I hope we soon all get to see at the Gregory John McIlvaine Museum (there's one of Ken and I after a few drinks that's destined ... for something).


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