June 11, 2002

Eric Olsen Gives Ken Layne ...

Eric Olsen Gives Ken Layne Some Deserved Love: Yeah, I know, self-referential and all that. But, as KDL quoted Ed Abbey in the lede to his December 2000 story on blogging, "I write to entertain my friends and exasperate our enemies." Wanna stoke a generous guy and a gifted writer? Go to his site, buy his great book, and/or flow him some travel money.

Posted by at June 11, 2002 02:37 PM

Thanks Mr. Matt, As you know, I'm good at telling people what they should do, so get on that book of yours. If you feel like it.

Posted by: Eric Olsen at June 11, 2002 08:12 PM

Yeah. What Eric said...but with more emphasis. I'd shell out for a Matt Welch book any day of the week, but I can't until the damned thing is written, now can I?

long-suffering Tabloid loyalist (as you've dubbed me in the past),


Posted by: Shannon at June 13, 2002 02:50 PM
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